Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maintaining the higher view

So the adventure continues. I am enjoying the magic of the E.C. at a level I never expected. I realize that it's been two months today since my journey began and that I've been in the energy field of my Lama. That in itself is very special and I know this is why I am so capable to hold the higher view in my daily life and occurrences like never before.

I am strangely surprised at this new state of mind where I seem to rest so easily in the here and now and in what's happening without dwelling on my wants and desires too much. And also, generally, whatever I want or desire manifests without any preoccupation on my behalf to make things happen. I must confess to have been training on this for some time. It has happened slowly over a long time of meditating and having silent insights that have helped me not to expect anything, and to flow with what life has to offer.

This is strangely evident in the energies that are supporting my traveling. I can see how things arise and come into place effortlessly, assisting me in creating this new life I want. Now the most difficult part comes, the one I am so afraid of. i must speak to the lawyer that will tell  me how to proceed with my visa request. I don't want to lose time in moving to Prague, I also do not wish to spend much time in El Salvador anymore. I wish for things to go smoothly. I made serious wishes at the Copenhagen gompa, as well as elsewhere for this move to be as effortless as everything else. This is the most stressing situation for me right now, to worry about this visa.

But as I said, I have acquired a gift for managing life's difficulties that seems to make everything flow quite easily. It is simple, fresh, staying in the now and only focusing on what's right before my nose.

Around me, my friends on the way gather in the big tent that serves as a place to eat, to dance, to have exchanges, work on computers, etc. Andrei just came by to tell me that all my friends have gathered in the back and to invite me to join, and by the way would I like some tea? This is really how it is here. Everyone so friendly and caring. We all just want to do good for others, we all want others to feel good, to be happy.

The party last night was a pure explosion of joy. I danced with my friends, with my beloved Cathy and with an absurdly beautiful stranger, who turned out to come from Czech Republic. This is just icing on the cake: the fact is that all the men I've met so far from this country are just gorgeous. By the way, I've been actively trying to meet people from Prague or Czech Republic in general, hoping to make some friends for when I move there.

And speaking of making friends, I will join the happy people around me and stop all this serious thinking.


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