Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FRIENDS on the Way

This chapter is devoted to the connections I've made in this part of my journey.

A while ago, a man with special psychic powers (let's just not get into that discussion, take my word for it, ok?) told me that during this trip I would learn about real friendship, since I had not had real friends in El Salvador. I was a bit shaken by his words but otherwise didn't really think much about it.

Until now.

Last night as usual we all got together at the big tent after the teachings ended, and there we were laughing and sharing stories when suddenly, a bit jokingly, Carina said to me "Don't worry, I have your back!" and we both laughed because of the context (that situation might be told later on....). But inside of me, the words of the psychic resounded. I actually KNOW she does.

It's true we don't know each other for long. We met in Karma Guen quite superficially and only started to become friends at the last night party in Kuchary. But friends we have become. And we've been traveling in really close proximity since Hungary and we've shared many things, intimate confessions, crazy fun, differences and similarities. We've even shared beds and even assignments since we're both translating into Spanish our Lama's teachings. We've met cute guys, and interesting people, we've been to parties together, to Museums, we've eaten cake together, and made fools of ourselves together, we've been smart to each other, we've given advise to one another, we've shared our purifications and our realizations, etc. etc. And I've always felt secured in her company, safe and secure. Carina definitely has my back. And I've got hers!

She has been my teacher ever so humbly, or I'd dare to say, totally without realizing it. I've learned from her quiet and unpretentious wisdom, from her generosity, from her patience. She is warm, open and trusting, and we actually share the same sense of humour. I add meeting Carina to one of the blessings this trip carries. Spending time with her has made so many things more meaningful, and we are incredibly alike on many levels. The company has never been unnerving, or overbearing. I am thankful to Pavel for having introduced us. My trip has been all the better for it.

Another person I must speak about, here at EC, is one of our translation booth companions, Adam from Poland. Adam is a young, energetic, good humoured man, who has always a joyful smile on his face and a very sweet tooth, our friendship started by sharing gummy bears and chocolates in the booth. Later it moved on to wine and chips and tapas, and jokes, and laughter, and opinions, and stories about our lives, our countries, our lovestories, our connections, our understanding of the world.

He is one of the very few men, if not the only man, here at EC that I feel totally confident relating to. As he put it the other night when a friend of his implied something more than friendship was going on between us "the connection between me and this girl is different, she's like my sister". I beamed at him! I feel totally the same. This is very special. Adam is a very educated young man, who comes out like a joker but has incredible depth to himself. I admire his liberated view on love, and find my own view still so tight and narrow. Our dharma exchanges always leave me refreshed and wiser. We share our dreams and this adds value to our friendship.

My friendship to him became clear the other night. In face of the possibility of a nice night connection, I preferred to stay with him, chatting over hot ginger water. He also has my back, and I carry him in my heart.

Another special person who also has a compartment in my heart is my other translation companion, Patrik, from Hungary. For him, I feel a special tenderness and a sort of responsibility (for lack of a better word, this really not being the right one) for his well being. Patrik is a very sensitive and honest man. He showed me his heart and I therefore became somehow protective of his happiness. He is beautiful and strong and good, transparent and wholesome. I see his great power so clearly and just wish I could mirror it back to him unequivocally, I realize I am constantly making good wishes for him, and that I am especially concerned about his feelings. I have his back.

Gari is also special to me. We met in Beckse and found ourselves again here. He is the sweetest, most attentive and generous person around, and if I see him in the same room I am, I get the feeling I am not alone, even if we're not together. He is always smiling, always gentle, always friendly. Gari speaks French perfectly and we carry on long conversations in my favorite language, which fills me with joy. He is funny, kind and giving. He awakens feelings of great trust in my heart. Like we are friends from long before. Gari has my back.

Dharma is not only about personal growth and development. Dharma is about love and connections, and trust and human warmth, about shared values and pats on the back. We are all part of the Mandala, we all share the blessing. I love them all.

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  1. ^^
    What is the standard you measure if you lived a rich and meaningful life?
    I believe a standard could be how developed and caring human relations you had in your life...
    (Not sure where this feeling I have comes from, but very might come from our dearest root lama, or one of his travelling teachers. In the end, this is what counts.)