Saturday, August 6, 2011

Don't focus on the gift, focus on where it came from

And here I am again, writing about wishes.

I am simply amazed at how powerful my mind is and how swiftly I am now creating the conditions I want to experience in my life.

I wished and was fulfilled. Now, after last night, the very last thing I want is to go through inner disturbances. It is so "normal" to suffer after we have a pleasant experience. So "normal" to want more of the nice moments, so "normal" to make projections and to create in our minds things that don't exist, we are so used to suffering that any occasion provides a fertile ground for attachment and longing, and that simply equals into transforming the beautiful moments we live into suffering. Like Lama Ole says "'Wanting' is the total opposite of meditation".

I refuse to keep up bad habits. I chose to go beyond those habits and to work hard on creating new ones. I chose to feel gratefulness instead of craving, and to thank Space for the gift it has given me, and to not focus on it, but rather on where it came from.

Therefore I appreciate the experience, the person by my side, I appreciate the friendship and the moments shared. I think "Thank you" and proceed on to making wishes for this man, may he have the love that will make him happy, that will benefit him most, that will support the achievements of his dreams. That's it.

In the heart of the Red Buddha I go through the largest amount of gratitude possible. I feel so moved that I can't hold it in. I am grateful for having the wondrous opportunity of reaching someone else through my love. I am grateful at feeling so free that I can give such pure and unhindered love. I am grateful and grateful again. And, of course, now I let go.

I realize how much I've grown, and how different I am now. I have the distance to look at my life and at what's happening and not make it a personal issue. I have a new maturity and clarity, I have more strength. I no longer create nightmares that will hold me down, I have released these inner hindrances and I open my life, eager to SEE the path I walk on clearly. It is kind and compassionate, it is wise and intuitive, it is clear and powerful. It is free.

May he have the highest happiness! May he have the love he needs and dreams of! May he have the conditions to create the life he truly wants for him! That is the wish I make now.

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