Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Full of Joy

I find myself at the famous E.C. Famous for us Karma Kagyus of course. For the past four years I have been dreaming of finding myself exactly at the place I am now, and that in itself is already a source for great joy.

But it's nothing.

Nothing compared to the feelings I have now surrounded by so many kind people. All around are people who choose to be happy, people who have made a decision of being solid, of being strong, of choosing wisdom over neurosis, and compassion over resentment. I wonder at the wonderful Karma that has brought me here now. I cannot believe that I myself eventually sowed the seeds for such great blessing.

My heart overflows with love. I look around at my friends and the only thing I want to offer them is love, love and tenderness. I want to reach out and touch them and massage their sore backs and feet, I want to caress their hair like little children, so they feel loved and cared for. I want to kiss their foreheads. I feel like a good mother Tara, who wants to give out all the love that flows out of my heart like water from a never ending source.

And especially Caty. As we all sit in the Gompa, meditating while the new ones take Refuge for the first time, the helpers around Lama Ole give out the Dharma names and cut the traditional lock of hair and give out blessed strings. Caty is here. She sits next to Lama Ole and my love for her knows no limitations. My eyes are almost wet. I see her and I know that although we all love our lama so much, no one takes care of him the way that she does. She takes care of him, protects him like a lioness her cubs, she works hard at his side to make sure that all his active compassion reaches his students in the most practical of ways. She is the holder of our lineage in a way, since she is the one making sure our lama is where he is most needed and in good health and conditions. No one cares for him as much as she does. Her bright mind works all the time. I wonder if others also notice.

I wish I could convey this love I feel for her, but as of today, I don't know the way. So I instead take care of my sweet dear friends, a kiss here, a kind touch there, and the best wishes from my heart go to them. May we always find ourselves in such a powerful and kind energy field. May we never lose the connection. May the blessing move from us to our loved ones and way beyond. May we continue the work our beloved teacher does. May we be worthy and honorable students.



  1. om mani peme hung x 10 million
    as today is Chokhor Düchen :)
    love for you Mar!!! May your wishes and blessing irradiate throughout the universe <3

  2. Wonderful flow of emotions, you almost made a half solid diamond shed tears ^_^

    This is what I call understanding and true devotion towards the lineage, the lama and the sangha, may all of us build this strong devotion in our hearts!