Friday, August 5, 2011


As I walk out of the Gompa at midday, I wonder at the beauty of my surroundings. Behind me on the mountains, a group of cows graze and we can sometimes hear their bells ringing sharply in the clear air. Below me the lake shines bright blue, some ships sailing fast through the water, behind and all around are the Alps, green and beautiful, to the left and far into the horizon, snow peaks stand still. The sun is shinning, my heart is singing. I feel happy.

All around me people are happy as well, and I wonder at the bliss of crossing paths with so many gorgeous men, a multitude of beautiful eyes, strong shoulders and broad backs are a complete gift to my sight. But it seems I am so blissed out that I also find ugly men attractive - or at least that's what Carina says.

As I confess my funny attraction to a tall wild looking guy, she opens her eyes wide and exclaims "Mar!!!! You are losing it!!!" So I laugh and tell her I am completely liberated now! I am beyond all concepts! I might suddenly drift off in a rainbow! And we burst out laughing!!!

Like my friend Gerge says, when you are totally relaxed, you don't worry about things anymore, you go beyond the personal, and see that everyone has something of value and beauty to offer. Carina and I find hundreds of attractive men everyday, and chitchat about it like silly teenagers, we love it, and we have some healthy fun. I look around me and smile... I fall in love ten times a day, and laugh at myself for such freedom.

Maybe I'll really drift off in a rainbow... but not just now ;)

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