Friday, July 8, 2011


Today is a beautiful day, with sunshine and human warmth. A precious beautiful man sitting by my side, another sweeping me up in the air, and friendship settling definitively between Carina and myself, among smiles and complicity.

Around me are the friends from the Dharma, unknown yet but brothers and sisters in this life, on this Way.

I feel good, vibrating with happiness, I feel one with everything, the state of Bliss and the Pure Land live in me.

I cast away thoughts about the future and I close my eyes.

The outer world is a reflection of highest bliss.

I am happy!

I couldn't have made a better decision, this Phowa has been the best in my whole life so far.

In the Pure Land I experience bliss, absolute feelings of love, gratitude, and I take the chance to make wishes, may all have happiness, health and love.

I thank my teacher, thank you

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