Thursday, July 21, 2011


The next day we leave for Prague with Carina and Karel, a Czech member of the Sangha who's a traveling teacher who has also become my friend. Since Karel has traveled quite often to Peru, he and Carina are good friends. He was extremely kind to us during our stay, but then of course, all Czech people are nice and friendly by nature. And I'd like to think I've made quite a few friends.  The most enriching thing about this exchange is that we are all friends on the way, this means everything we talk about is meaningful to us, we can immediately be honest to each other and open and true. Transparent communications, not trying to impress, not trying to manipulate, not trying anything at all actually, but just being who we are and talking about our dreams, and what's in our hearts.

Prague is everything I bargained for and so much more. I feel like in a fairy tale. The feeling of unreality is so strong that we actually freak out when we see people coming out of what would seem like the decor of a Fairy Tale theme park. I mean, people actually live on the stairs that lead to the Castle. Real people like you and me. Carina and I joke about this guy actually been maintenance. This while we lovingly entertain a delicious Trdelnik. Man! this is so good!! I could have one with plum sauce everyday!!! This is a sweet dough traditionally rolled over a stick and then grilled and served with almonds, sugar and... plum sauce. As we come down form the castle after god only knows how many hours (this is I think the largest castle compound in the world, and the whole thing is a Museum from beginning to end, except the house of government, I think, at least we didn't try to go there. Governments are boring, we think.) So anyway, I was getting cranky and we were both exhausted but a good Fried cheese sandwich made my day better, as we came down on Mala Strana. 

I absolutely love this place. I could go on for hours about everything we've seen here, the Mucha Museum, with all the Art Nouveau (which is anyway all over town - everything your eye touches has a 99.9% chance of being an object of PURE ART). We could also talk about the fashion boutiques Carina and I enjoy visiting, we don't buy anything of course, just the thought of adding one ounce of weight to my back pack makes me wince, but we look at the dresses, jackets, all designed with infinite good taste and with very accessible prices. I am so happy I am going to live here. This is THE adventure of my life. I feel so excited!!! 

Oh! That's right!! I haven't told you yet :) Well... I think I knew this from the very first moment. Even before coming to to this amazing city, and even before reaching Tenovice and reaping all the good impressions the Phowa course left in my mind. I am moving to Prague.

Like I said in my previous post, as I approached Lama Ole at Tenovice, at the end of the Phowa course, he kindly remembered who I am  and the tribulations I go through (quite willingly, I agree) and asked me "So, what do you think of Europe?" I readily told him how I felt and how I thought moving to Prague would be the next step for me. He said he thought it was a GREAT idea :), so what else is there to say? I am moving to Prague.

Sometimes even if things look pretty crazy or unexpected, one needs to trust in space. And as I was sleeping in the center, I told one of the girls who live there about my plans, she kindly shared some ideas about language schools, since of course, my first project here will be to learn the language! Well, this guy from the Sangha was here, (a beautiful man, as I've come to understand, that is quite the definition of Czech people, they are all gorgeous, I'm telling you, this place is heaven!!! ;) ) and he very kindly came to tell me he actually knew of a place where I would be able to live at a very affordable price!!! Space is just so generous when you're on the right track. Simply no difficulties, only joy!!! And this happened on my second morning in Prague!!! Carina and I went to visit the place and I met my future room-mate, a beautiful giant named David, and quite a smart guy as well. 

All in all we had the best time ever in Prague, from a Baroque church concert to an improv jamming session at a Jazz club on the river, from movie nights with Sangha friends to Museums, from midnight grilled cheese in a rather shabby place to the delicious lunch at the Olympia (our favorite restaurant!), alone or with our friends on the Way, Carina and I were the Princesses of Prague. And I totally fell in love.

Another thing that no doubt influenced the energy is all the Dharma work that the Sangha is doing. There was not a moment during my stay that the Gompa was empty of meditators. And they also held a meeting once, to decide about the new space they wish to buy for the Center. They also speak of building a Stupa... there is so much Dharma energy that I feel the connection is complete. I can feel it carrying me to the finish line of my Gnöndro. Wouldn't that be something? I am sure that I have a very strong karmic connection with this country. I expect to receive from it all the beauties and power it has to offer, and I also hope to give it in return, all the love, all the beauty, all the strength, and all the wisdom I can muster.

My connections are generous. I've met friends. Even the very last night, I met a beautiful lady, Zuzana, I could feel we have so much in common and the friendship was born. She is a mother too. This touched my heart. After these days in which I really don't talk much about my girls, because it made me sad. Now I know I have to be more confident, to have the strength to work really hard to bring them to me, to this beautiful city, to this bright, bright future.

And the final sign comes through, a translation quote has been approved. I spend my mornings in Prague working and earning money. What to say? Czeska has given it all to me: Bliss, purification, work, and friends.

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