Saturday, July 30, 2011


Rodby, Denmark

I had one of the strongest experiences of my life today.

I feel liberated like I never felt before.

Today I received a message from the man I was in love with, or from the man I love the most, here and now. 

He writes about the beautiful vacations he just spent with his friends and about meeting a girl he fell in love with. The thing is, I think I knew this already. I knew it without knowing it and I have been making wishes for his happiness non-stop.

I have been at it for days, undergoing the strangest emotions, but knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that the only thing I really want is for him to be happy. I have been consciously wishing him to find someone to love and who would love him. And now he has. The moment I read his words a tremor shook my soul, that I felt inwardly. At the exact same moment, a great happiness filled my heart. My beloved is happy!!! What a great joy!!!

I've nothing but good feelings with these news, and I actually feel liberated, free to also find my own happiness and move on.

As I walked outside of the office where I sent him my joyous reply, I ran into Lama Ole who bent down to give me a blessing. Outside, I met my new friend Stephan. A very sweet and gentle German guy who lives in Austria and whom I met in Tenovice. I share the news. The beauty of our friends on the Way is that we all share the same teachings, and comprehend the depth of our emotions and value our breakthroughs. He understands and we talk about life, love, and liberating insights and moments. It is significant. While we sit in the sun, my Hungarian friend Peter, one of the guys I drove here with comes to tell me there is a wedding in the Gompa. How auspicious!!!

The wedding is amazing. It all starts with children, from the Youth Care group. The girls do an improv dance and the boys jam on house made drums (mainly plastic buckets). All the while Lama Ole watches with an indulgent and happy smile, and the couples to be married cuddle close in anticipation.

I have seen Buddhist weddings before, I know the drill. Yet today I am especially sensitive to the celebration of love taking place before me. My Lama speaks of the feminine and the masculine, of our differences and on how we can enrich our lives so much by understanding the significance of our unions, he says "If we go to our women like one goes to a Temple…" We are all deeply moved by his words. He goes on to talk about the five female wisdoms and the four male activities, and the four different types of love. Then the time has come to give the blessing. The couples imagine an image of energy and light that stands on their heads and dances into their hearts, the Lama blesses their heads and hearts. We are all moved and joyfully throw rice at the newlyweds!!!

I am close to the stage and without thinking I am suddenly standing besides Lama Ole, "Please Lama, give me a blessing so I can find a loving partner to share my life with…" We melt in the tenderest of hugs and he gives me his blessing. I hold on to him and feel the power of his wishes. "You are a magnificent woman. Be choosy." Tears come to my eyes. I am happy.

I think of Waldo and again wish him all the best, I see some friends, we all hug and make good wishes for each other, we are in a cloud of love and nothing else exists but love. All atoms vibrate with joy and are kept together by love. Nothing else is real.

Suddenly The Beatles are on and we all burst out laughing… JOY ad infinitum… May all sentient beings have love and the causes for love…

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