Friday, June 17, 2011

Arriving in Karma Guen

So here I am. My plane just landed in Malaga and I have to resign myself to the fact my friend Wolfie is not coming to pick me up as planned. I try to go online and miserably fail, all pay-phones are broken and my mobile of course doesn't work in Europe. I feel stupid and panicky, and wander helplessly about the arrival terminal trying to decide the best course of action. Should I take a bus? where to? shall I sit somewhere and trust space? No need... A man's voice in my back says "Buddhist?" and my heart leaps in my chest. I proudly try to suck back in the tears of nervousness I had carelessly let out and turn to face the voice.

And that is how Karma Guen comes to my life instead of me going to it. Frank is in charge of transportation and is here to pick up a group of travelers like me. So, my life been saved and all, I can now relax and meet the others. The ride takes about an hour and Frank informs me that since I speak many languages I should be working at the office, and once we get to KG he takes me there right away.

A blue door opens up and two men greet me with big smiles. One is JuanPa, "the boss" and the other is a tall and handsome Spanish guy who introduces himself as Giaccomo. I find the name rather odd for a Spaniard, but oh well! I will soon find out he introduces himself by the many variations of his actually Polish name according to the nationality of the person he is speaking too: Jacob, Jacques or Jacobo is actually Jakub, Kuba for short and we are to become the best friends ever, only I don't know that at this point.

Kuba quickly becomes my protector and he helps me set up my tent and gives me the tour of KG, at 8 we go down to the big Gompa to meditate and tour the gardens, at night, there is a full moon eclipse and we go to the Stupa meditate. I am nonplussed at all the good impressions and the jet-lag and lack of sleep from my last Brussels night have numbed my senses. My first impressions of Karma Guen are beautiful but hazy. I just feel happy to have arrived. Happy to be "home" surrounded by my people, the Kaguys, in the pure land of Buddha.


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