Friday, June 24, 2011

Medicina Buddha initiation

I am exhausted.

The Phowa course ended two days ago, and we of course held the traditional PARTY. Not that this is such a great change in the normal scheme of things. We've been having parties every night, with great music and crazy dancing that goes on until at least 2 a.m. Lama Ole asks that we do not drink alcohol during the course, but that is nothing for Kagyu people. Even so, people dance and dance and jump and sing... Like my friend, the beautiful red head Helena said "I love our people" We are all about joy and friendship, alcohol notwithstanding.

Yet for the traditional end-of-course party, there was alcohol. In fact Miguel had gone pushed the envelop so far as to prepare thousands of Mojitos. The Mojitos were delicious and people drank and danced. I met a lovely guy named Kai, like Grace's son. Kai is so beautiful it takes my breath away. He actually speaks good Spanish, so we dance and talk for a while. Lama Ole came to our party, shared our joy and addressed us, asking us to live meaningful lives, to enjoy parties and sing - not scream. Upon leaving we came face to face and he gave me a kiss and... his Mojito!!! Hahahaha!!!

However, for me the situation was tricky. Yesterday (or the day after the party) the Medicine Buddha Initiation took place at the Benalmadena Stupa, and my team was responsible for the logistics of transporting everyone to Benalmadena. This meant waking up at 6:30 a.m. to oversee the loading of the earliest bus. Since I went to bed at 3:00 (I could have stayed much later) I was not too fresh in the morning.

After sending everyone off, I went for a nap on the office couch. Later that day, we went to meditate to the Kalachakra Stupa, that crowns our amazing mountain. Jorge, a Spanish friend who lives in Mexico, told me that the energy of Kalachakra either unites what must be united or separates once and for all that which no longer has the karma to remain united. Since the thought of my beloved is never too far away from me, I decided to focus on this during my Green Tara meditation. Wilma was doing Mandala offerings. The air was fresh and the sun shone bright. I could hear the mandala rice falling over and over again... The smell of pines carried away my mantras... Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, Om Tare Tuttare Soha...

We rode with Wolfie to Benalmadena, but first we stopped at Torre del Mar where he treated us to an AMAZING tapas lunch. The generosity of his kind heart and of the Mediterranean was a gift to our palates. I could not believe how many delicious flavors melted in my mouth. We then rode to Benalmadena and went straight to the Stupa. An exhibition was held regarding stupas, what they are, the different types of stupas and the meaning of their shapes and structures. I meditated a while inside the Stupa while waiting for Sheralb Gyaltsen Rinpoche.

I must say this was not the first Initiation I received, having taken two already with none other than XVII Karmapa himself, but I was really new in the Dharma at the time and could not really comprehend everything that was taking place around me. This time, the blessing was fully evident. I was blissfully blown away by Rinpoche, his kindness and gentle sense of humour. Lama Ole was at this side and my dear Kamilla was doing a wonderful job translating from Tibetan into English. The moment is marvelous and I enjoy it slowly and fully.

I have always loved the Medicine Buddha meditation, and Lama Ole always encourages us to practice it and share it with our Sangha friends. Before leaving home I gave my meditation booklet to my mom. I hope she is practicing even if only at times, I am convinced no illness or physical discomfort or pain can endure while we recite this mantra. I make strong wishes for her health and well being. May she be blessed with good health, strength and may all her pain disappear. All through the initiation it is she I hold in my heart, bathed in the healing blue light. My love for her is lapizlazuli... and neverending.

After the initiation, the blessing takes a very long time, after all it is nearly 2000 people who have come. The last bus leaves at 2 in the morning. JuanPa introduces me to a young Czech man, Pavel, who will be the last one to board the bus with me. Pavel is spontaneous and friendly and we chat for a while as I fall gently asleep. I must confess I've never been happier to see my tent than last night...

I go to sleep quickly, thinking of the many blessings of the day... the lunch with my friends, the empowerment, the many friends on the way... All fades away from my consciousness in the strong blue light...

The Four Immeasurables (Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity)

May all beings have happiness and the causes for happiness
May they be free from suffering and the causes for suffering
May they never be separated from bliss without suffering
May they be in equanimity, free of attachment and anger

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