Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I'm back (in more ways than one)

Two years without posting... Wow!

Truth is I was struggling on many fronts, trying to make a professional breakthrough and sailing rough waters in my private life.

I think I may have reached an equilibrium point, and that I am ready now to come back to my blog, to write and share my aha moments. Why did I start this blog? I guess I was so very inspired by my travels, by my decision to start a new life for me and my girls, that I needed to share it. I am still inspired, but more generally by my life. My practice, my teacher, my Buddhist community, my family are all blessings in my life which give me so much. My cup overflows.

I don't think that going over the past two years would make sense. My life has changed a lot. Suffice to say I am in a better place now. Liberated from an exhausting relationship, hopeful professionally and full of blessings and light.

The past few months have been interesting. I have traveled a lot, renewed old friendships and made new ones. I fell in love and harvested a broken heart. But that's ok. I realized I was walking the same road, only with a different person. I don't want to fall into the same old traps. I am ready for the fresh and the new. So I lick my wounds and lift up my chin and look onwards. As long as I am alive, there is joy to be found in the world, and I am deeply committed to happiness. Never again shall I allow someone to diminish or manipulate me. I vow to be vigilant. I am back on track and I take the reins of my life and of my happiness.

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